Understanding AI

3DIQ utilizes the world's most sophisticated AI for recruitment.  Our AI Matching Engine understands candidates as humans with actual careers, not just a string of keywords.  Our engine is modeled to think like a recruiter, not a machine. But that's not all, 3DIQ's AI...

Improving Job Descriptions

Accurate job descriptions are critical to any staffing company.  Poorly worded or inaccurate job descriptions often lead to poorly matched candidates, increased cost and delayed time to hire.  It's critical to get good job descriptions from the start. Because 3DIQ...

Using Video in 3DIQ

3DIQ allows you to use video to enhance your client experience.  Easily embed videos and other content within 3DIQ Interactive Resumes with a click of a button.  In this article, we'll cover a couple of easy options for recording and using video within 3DIQ....

Improving Candidate Resumes

Got a great candidate with a bad resume? 3DIQ's uses cutting edge AI to match and score candidates, providing valuable information for the hiring process. 3DIQ's AI matching technology can also help recruiters improve candidate profiles by pinpointing problem areas. ...

Selling 3DIQ to your clients

3DIQ puts the power of the world’s most sophisticated AI matching engine for hiring and recruitment in your hands. Using 3DIQ gives you a competitive advantage over other recruiters including: AI powered grading and ranking for each candidate based on their job. View...

Editing Candidate Resumes

Edit candidate resumes in a snap using 3DIQ.   Once you've upload your candidate's resume in 3DIQ, click "edit candidate" to begin. From here, you have access to a full-featured text editor.  You can easily remove contact information, correct spelling and grammar, and...

Adding Jobs and Resumes

Adding jobs and resumes go hand in hand.  In fact, they’re the most important part of 3DIQ!  That’s why we’ve made it quick and easy to add job requisitions and candidate resumes

Navigating the 3DIQ Dashboard

Once you add your first job to 3DIQ, you’ll notice it appear on the dashboard’s home page.  By default, your dashboard will display all of the open jobs within 3DIQ.  From here you can sort and filter your jobs.  

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