Accurate job descriptions are critical to any staffing company.  Poorly worded or inaccurate job descriptions often lead to poorly matched candidates, increased cost and delayed time to hire.  It’s critical to get good job descriptions from the start.

Because 3DIQ uses an accurate AI matching engine, it’s important to talk with your clients about building good job descriptions.  In other words, putting better data in 3DIQ means you’re more likely to get accurate scoring and matching results.

Tips for talking with your clients

The prevalence of machine learning and AI in today’s business environment means 3DIQ can be a powerful selling tool to position your business on the leading edge of recruiting technology.  When approaching your clients about a job description it is important to let them know that your firm is using Artificial Intelligence to provide better matches.   Make sure that your clients understand that 3DIQ’s AI will use the information they include in their job description to match candidates.  This means that required information should actually be required.  This is especially important when listing education, skills and management requirements.

For example, they shouldn’t list a Bachelor’s Degree as required if they’ll accept someone with an Associate’s Degree.

Working with job descriptions

For job requisitions that don’t have a developed job description, you should consider helping your client create one that matches what 3DIQ looks for in a good job.  Below is a template you can use to create a job description.

3DIQ Basic Job Description

Basic Information

Job Title: What is the most accurate title for this job?  (Use a common job title that candidates are also likely to use.) 


Job Description

Job Description: Provide a detailed list of duties for this job.  


Education and Skills

Required Education (School Name,  Degree Type, Degree Name, Required Degree)

Certifications: Include any Certifications, Licenses or Security Credentials required for this job.

Skills (Required Skills and Other Skills)



Required Experience: Enter the years of experience required for this job (Single number or a range)

Management Experience: Enter the number of years of management experience required for this job (Single number or a range)

Download 3DIQ Job Description Template