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Custom Unsubscribe Screens

9/20/23 – Skill marketing users can now customize the text and branding of the unsubscribe links their customers use.

MAJOR UPDATE: Bullhorn Automation Skill Marketing Integration

9/20/23 – We’ve updated skill marketing tearsheet links for use in Bullhorn Automation!  Now, you can send out a list of candidates within Bullhorn Automation and maintain individual tracking of client interactions (such as Views and Feedback).  This opens up a ton of possibilities, including subscription lists and regular marketing campaigns within Bullhorn Automation!

Change to Comments Field in Email Template

9/8/23 – 3DIQ will now use the edited Comments fields from 3DIQ (if included in the template) within the skill marketing email, instead of the oringial comments from Bullhorn

Individual Bullhorn Field Editing

9/5/23 – Profile template sections now include the option to allow users to Edit content from within the profile! Each template section now has an “editable” toggle, which will import the field values from Bullhorn and allow the user to make further edits in 3DIQ.

Submission Ready Email Options

9/5/23 – Admins can now choose to CC the “Submission Ready” email to additional users including the candidate recruiter or candidate owner in Bullhorn

Client Feedback Alerts

8/25/23 – Admins can now enable clients to automatically receive a copy of their feedback responses.  This feature is available for both submission platform and skill marketing.

Customize Unsubscribe Link

8/25/23 – Skill Marketing users can now customize the email unsubscribe link which appears at the bottom of email templates

Customize Feedback Success Message

8/25/23 – In addition to allowing clients to receive feedback responses, admins can now customize the success message clients see after submitting feedback

MAJOR UPDATE: European App Instance

8/7/23 – 3DIQ has officially launched our new app instance hosted in European Datacenters!  That means faster app loading times and a better experience for both users and their clients!  Customers interested in switching to the new the new instance contact

Text Editor Updates

8/7/23 – More flexibility!  When using the text editor to create profile templates, users have more text alignment abilities.  We’ve also added a few more font options to the list.

Enhancements to Skill Marketing Email Sending

7/28/23 – We’ve made a number of enhancements via our email sending service to ensure more consistency when sending skill marketed candidates to lists of more than 500 clients.

Bullhorn Note Writing Updates

7/25/23 – Profile Sent and Tearsheet Sent note writing in Bullhorn is now more consistent after we made some updates to how we process email delivery verifications, especially when sending skill marketed candidates to large lists of clients.

More Options to Include Contact Information in Profile Templates

7/13/23 – You can now automatically include the contact information (name, email, phone number or address) of the user who sends skill marketing profiles.  User information is Bullhorn from Bullhorn user profiles automatically!

Feedback Language Updates

7/7/23 – We’ve added a few more configurations to the feedback module to allow to greater compatiblity with multiple languages.  This includes the ability to customize “Send Feedback to…”

Additional Font Options Added

7/6/23 – We’ve updated our text editor to include more font and style and size options.  These updates can be used in  the “Recruiter Notes” box, but also gives users more flexibility and customization when creating profile templates!

MAJOR UPDATE: Preview Skill Marketing Emails and Manage Recipients

7/4/23 – Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Additional Subject Line Configurations

7/6/23 – Admins can now include additional tokens into their skill marketing subject lines, including the candidate’s job title.

Skill Marketing UI Updates

6/9/23 – We’ve made a minor UI update to Skill Marketing candidate pages.  The “Sent to Contact” button has been moved and the “Change Profile” and “Copy URL” features are now contained within the submenu.

Additional Email Token Added

6/2/23 – We’ve added the option to include the candidate’s “comments” field in the email body when sending an individual candidate via Skill Marketing.

Admin SSO User Management

6/2/23 – Admin users can now manage SSO users, including turning on/off access and assigning default brands.  Admin users will see the “Users” tab in their admin console.

Document Display Enhancements

5/31/23 – This update addressed some visual issues and load times for profiles containing an embedded resume document.  Documents with large file sizes should now load faster and display more seamlessly on profiles.

Subject Line Customization for Multiple Candidate Submissions

5/31/23 – Users in our Submission Platform can how customize the default subject line to include tokens (such as the job name) when submitting multiple candidates in a single email.

Add Job Number to Submission Ready Email Notification

5/11/23 – Users will now see the Bullhorn Job ID # included in the Submission Ready email.  This was added to help avoid confusion for customers with multiple jobs containing similar job titles.

JSON Feed Option for Skill Marketing Lists

5/11/23 – Skill Marketing users now have the option to copy a JSON feed of their skill marketing tearsheet/lists.  This allows you to embed the list on your website and add additional advanced styling or filtering.

Document Storage Enhancements

5/2/23 – We’ve updated the way 3DIQ hosts and stores files (in particular large files).  This was done to fix a few issues where resume files would not display for candidates with either a large number of documents or documents with a large file size.

Skill Marketing Note Updates for Advanced Reporting

4/27/23 – In order to facilitate better reporting within advanced reporting tools such as Power BI, we’ve updated the way we write Skill Marketing notes in 3DIQ.  The “About” field for the note in Bullhorn will now reflect the client contact.  Candidate records will be referenced in the note itself.

New Document Viewer

4/27/23 – We’ve updated our embedded document viewer for profiles which contain a displayed PDF or Word Document resume.  This update is aimed at more consistent document loading, and it also adds UI elements to embedded PDFs including page breaks and a contrasting background.

Skill Marketing Note Writing Upon Email Delivery

4/27/23 – 3DIQ Profile Sent and 3DIQ Tearsheet sent notes in skill marketing will now write into Bullhorn ONLY after the email has been successfully delivered to the selected client(s).  Previously, these notes were written when the email was sent.


4/27/23 – Our game-changing profile builder is here!  Create 100% configurable and standardized candidate profiles using any combination of Bullhorn fields from the candidate, submission or placement records.  Profile templates can also include embedded documents, free text blocks, images and file attachments.  Once you’ve created your template, seamlessly create candidate profiles with the click of a button!

Updates for Company Records with Large Number of Contacts

3/8/23 – We found that there were some issues importing client contact names and details into our Client Portal in cases where Company records contained more then 250 client contacts.  This update fixed that issue.

Brand Selection in Skill Marketing

3/7/23 – Users can now overwrite their default brand and select a different brand when sending skill marketing emails.  Choose any template from your company’s list of available templates when sending a single candidate or tearsheet.

Addition of Skill Marketing "Tearsheet Sent" note

3/3/23 – For skill marketing users, 3DIQ will now write a “3DIQ – Tearsheet Sent” note into your candidate and client contact profiles once a skill marketing email including a tearsheet has been delivered to selected clients.

Document Converter Update

3/3/23 – We’ve updated to a new version of our document converter.  The document converter is used for customers who parse and edit Word and PDF document resumes

Add Images to Skill Marketing Templates

2/14/23 – Skill Marketing (and all other profile templates) can now contain embedded images.  This can include header and footer images as well as image blocks, allowing users to upload their own images on individual profiles.

Footer Section Added to Skill Marketing Templates

2/14/23 – Custom footer sections are not available on skill marketing templates.  These sections can includes text (such as a disclaimer or privacy statement) as well as images and Bullhorn fields.


2/2/23 – Bullhorn SSO is now live for user logins!  3DIQ users can now login by clicking on the “Login with Bullhorn” button.  This update also means that Bullhorn SSO will handle all user logins, making for a more secure login process.  3DIQ admins can now manage user access by toggling on/off 3DIQ users based on their Bullhorn account.  To enable Bullhorn SSO with 3DIQ, please contact

Custom Bullhorn Fields for Email Notification Mapping

1/6/23 – We have added the ability to map additonal Bullhorn users to 3DIQ notificiations.  This new setting can be found under the notificiation tab in the admin settings menu.  To enable, specify a Bullhorn field under the Job record which contains the username you would like to receive notifications.

Custom Multiple Choice Feedback Questions

1/6/23 – In addition to custom free-text questions, users can now also create custom multiple choice questions.  Up to 3 custom multiple choice questions can be added to both the “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” feedback questions

Custom Email Notification and Bullhorn Note Settings

1/6/23 – Skill Marketing users can toggle on/off Bullhorn and email notifications for view, feedback and profile sent notifications.