3DIQ utilizes the world’s most sophisticated AI for recruitment.  Our AI Matching Engine understands candidates as humans with actual careers, not just a string of keywords.  Our engine is modeled to think like a recruiter, not a machine.

But that’s not all, 3DIQ’s AI matching engine not only delivers the best matches, it tells you how and why it produced them and offers tips to improve the results. Welcome to the future.


We also provide sub-scores on different categories of data, so you can see the reasoning behind the score.  These categories include education, job titles, relevant industries, skills, certifications and management experience.  Simply hover over each shaded section to see the sub-score.  Check out our full breakdown on how you can use 3DIQ’s AI to improve candidate resumes.

Finally, our engine produces absolute matching.  In other words, each resume is scored to the specific job you’re working on and is not relative to other candidates.