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3DIQ’s industry leading product suite complements your submission process from start to finish. Through interactive candidate profiles that drive feedback and an easy to use client portal, we’ll help you deliver a cutting-edge customer experience.  


Put your submissions all in one place and manage everything without ever leaving Bullhorn. Our client portal is your one stop shop for submitting, reviewing and hiring candidates. Give your customers a high end experience with this white-glove, executive search.


Skill Marketing in 3DIQ uses tearsheets (hotlists) in Bullhorn to manage candidate lists.  Use existing tearsheets or build new ones and send them easily to clients.  Get instant view and feedback notifications whenever clients review profiles. 


The Credentialing Portal was designed to give your clients an easy way to login, review, and make it easier to track credential requirements for jobs in Bullhorn. The 3DIQ Credential Portal Integrates into Bullhorn, making it easy it to manage.

“We absolutely love using 3DIQ! There are so many reasons why this tool is super effective in our industry, but I think what it provides most from our perspective is the ease in workflow… I’m not sure how we managed before 3DIQ, but I am glad we don’t have to anymore.”

Kimberly Laipple

3DIQ Customer, Scientific Search

“3DIQ has revolutionized the way we send candidates to our clients. The user interface is extremely simple and nice to use and it’s seamless with the integration into Bullhorn. The best part are the client reactions with instant feedback in a thumbs up or thumbs down.  We love it!”

Aldan Galvanek

3DIQ Customer, The Chatham Group



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