3DIQ’s easy to use dashboard was created with simplicity in mind.

Once you add your first job to 3DIQ, you’ll notice it appear on the dashboard’s home page.  By default, your dashboard will display all of the open jobs within 3DIQ.  From here you can sort and filter your jobs.

Click the “My Jobs” button to display only jobs you’ve uploaded within 3DIQ.  Add to your layout by clicking the drop down menu and selecting the columns you’d like to display.  From here you can further filter your columns by typing in the boxes.

By default, 3DIQ only displays open jobs.  If you’d like to view closed jobs within 3DIQ, click the red “View Closed Jobs” button.

Finally, you edit your account information and change your password in “Account Settings.”  If you’re an account administrator, you’ll also be able to adjust your company’s settings, including address, logo and color palate in the “Organization Settings” menu.