The Staffing Stories Podcast began in Sept of 2022 as a way to share real stories straight from the heart of other Staffing Owners. We released our 19th episode today, and the amount of wisdom and leadership advice has been nothing short of extraordinary!  Hosted by Andy Moss, a 25-year veteran in the staffing industry, this podcast provides an opportunity for fellow staffing owners to share their stories of success, failure, and lessons learned. The podcast is only four months old, but already has some amazing interviews with inspiring leaders in the staffing industry. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Staffing Stories Podcast so special and why you should consider bringing your own story to the show.

Andy loves listening to and sharing stories, and knows this is one of the most impactful ways we learn, not only in business, but in life.  As he searched for podcasts to get connected to, he noticed there was a major hole when he tried to find a place where Staffing Owners could connect to others.  Having real conversations and focusing on real-life experiences from staffing industry veterans is exactly what he wanted to do.  The best part, it can be applied to any business situation. It is not just about “the numbers” or “the facts” but also about understanding how people think and act when faced with challenging situations. These stories provide fellow recruiters and account managers with valuable insights into how experienced professionals have navigated difficult scenarios throughout their careers. By sharing these stories, we hope to help others learn from our successes and failures in order to become better leaders and problem solvers. 

Our guests come from all areas of the staffing world. We have interviewed corporate executives, small business owners, authors, and even Staffing consultants who are making waves in the world of recruiting. Through these conversations, we have been able to gain insight into how different professionals approach challenges both inside and outside of their companies.  In addition to providing valuable advice on managing staffing operations more effectively, our guests also offer insights on how to build strong relationships with clients as well as how to create an environment that encourages productivity and collaboration among teams. To see our past Episodes, just visit

If you are interested in sharing your story on the Staffing Stories Podcast or if you would like to hear from some of our amazing guests, please get in touch here! We would love to hear from you and discuss how we can help share your story with a larger audience in 2023!  We look forward to another exciting year!

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