Smarter resumes to supercharge your recruiting process.

What is a 3DIQ Resume?

3DIQ is an entirely new way  for recruiting firms to submit candidate resumes.  3DIQ resumes are branded, mobile friendly, trackable and guaranteed to get you faster feedback.



Say goodbye to manual resume editing.  3DIQ resumes are automatically branded with your contact information, logo and colors.


Each 3DIQ resume  is scored based on specific job requirements in order to provide your client with data-driven hiring insights.


Never be left in the dark waiting for feedback.  Receive real time insights when clients open and view submitted resumes.


Better resumes and quicker feedback means more hires.  Supercharge your hiring process with smarter resumes from 3DIQ.

3DIQ for Recruiters

Resumes remain stale snapshots that often do not tell the whole story.

3DIQ helps you present resumes to your clients utilizing a data driven approach that highlights the work you’ve done.

Never wait for feedback again.  3DIQ lets you know when someone opens your resume and encourages your clients to quickly respond.

3DIQ for Businesses

Take control your application process  with 3DIQ for Businesses. 

Manage the top of your funnel by automatically ranking candidates using 3DIQ’s exclusive grading system. 

Collect EEO compliance information. 

Collaborate and easily send the best candidates to coworkers for review.

Trusted Clients Who Use 3DIQ

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