3DIQ is a revolutionary way to grade resumes and improve your hiring process.

Each resume receives a unique 3DIQ score that removes the guesswork from selecting a perfect candidate for your job.

Your 3DIQ Score Matters

3DIQ scores provide clients with data at the point of resume submission. Top scores reflect your job
requirement needs, matching you with perfect candidates.


Job Specific

Each 3DIQ score reflects your job’s specifications


Compare Candidates

Rank and compare candidates instantly for your job

Get Results

Save time and money during the hiring process


Resumes remain stale snapshots that often do not tell the whole story of recruiting.

3DIQ helps you present resumes to your clients utilizing a data driven approach that highlights the work you’ve done.

You put time and resources into sourcing and evaluating these candidates, do not present them to your clients as a piece of paper.


Your employees are your most valuable resource. You can’t afford to make a bad hire.

Do not waste your time on candidates whom are not the right fit for your company.

3DIQ gives you a score based on the candidate’s exact match to your job as well as their personality and cultural fit with your company.

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