At 3DIQ, we strive to continuously innovate our products and solve customer requests. Last year was no exception – due to the hard work of our team, we were able to implement a wide variety of feature releases and updates that helped to create cutting-edge customer experiences. In fact, we get our best feature suggestions from our customers and place high priority on making sure we add those to our product line. Let’s take a look at some of the major feature releases and updates we accomplished last year:

Major Customer Requested Feature Releases:

Custom Profile Templates

Creating custom candidate profile templates using any field on the Bullhorn candidate record is one of our most time-saving features. This will allow you to easily create templates that are tailored specifically to each client’s needs. The data can be pulled from any part of the candidate record, such as education, experience or certifications, and customized for each customer.

Skill Marketing

Another great feature we released was skill marketing. With this feature, you’ll be able to market blinded candidate profiles to clients and prospects while receiving real time view and feedback information. This will make it easier than ever for clients to find talent that matches their needs and provide feedback so that you can adjust accordingly.

Bullhorn Tearsheet/Hotlist Integration

You’ll also be able to build lists of candidates and contacts directly in Bullhorn and market them via email with just one click. This feature works seamlessly with Bullhorn Automation, so you can quickly reach out to new contacts without having to manually enter their information multiple times.

Custom Columns in Skill Marketing & Client Portal

Finally, another great feature released in 2022 was the ability to show clients exactly what they need by customizing the columns they see in our client portal. This works with any field in the candidate, job submission, or placement records so that you can give clients a seamless experience every time they log into your portal.

Other Customer Requested Updates:

Embed and edit images into Recruiter Notes and Skill Marketing Email Templates

Users can now upload, embed and edit images into “Recruiter Notes” and Skill Marketing email templates allowing for greater profile customization.

Custom Multiple Choice Feedback Questions

Create multiple choice feedback questions from scratch, giving clients a better opportunity to comment on candidate profiles.

Enhanced Branding 

Users can now build brands with a custom logo and header sizes and position. 

Allow Clients to Give Feedback on Candidates Multiple Times 

Users can now allow clients to give feedback on a candidate profile more than once.

Submitted Candidate Filtering

Organizations can now filter candidates based on submission statuses.  Great for companies that use an automated sourcing system or submit large numbers of candidates to jobs

Email Analytics for Skill Marketing Users

Skill Marketing users can view email stats like opens, clients and unsubscribes for any tearsheet or candidate.

Skill Marketing Email Automation for Bullhorn user roles

Allow users to send candidate marketing emails and tearsheets as different Bullhorn users.  Each user can be assigned their own brand and email template.

Automatically format work histories, educations, and notes in Skill Marketing fields

Certain fields within auto generated profiles are now pre-formatted.  This includes work histories, education and candidate notes.

Customize Skill Marketing Tearsheet Header Fields

Header fields in skill marketing can now be customized to meet customer language or terminology

Customize Email and Bullhorn Note Options

Admins can now select which 3DIQ note and email notifications are active in their account.  This includes the ability to add custom email recipients to 3DIQ notifications.

2022 was an exciting and productive year for 3DIQ!  We understand that providing an excellent customer experience is key when it comes to recruiting success. That’s why last year we worked hard on feature releases that addressed customer requests head-on, resulting in improved workflows & automation. Our feature releases and updates are always designed with those requests in mind so that they make your day-to-day operations more efficient and effective than ever before. From Custom Profile Templates and skill marketing, all the way through Bullhorn Tearsheet/Hotlist integration and custom columns – these features are there to help you get the most out of your staffing business!  Our commitment remains steadfast – we will continue striving towards helping recruiters find top talent faster than ever before.

We’d love to hear how these tools have revolutionized your business model this past year and can’t wait to share what’s on the horizon for 2023.