In the world of recruitment and staffing, timing plays a crucial role in determining the success of candidate submissions to clients. As recruiters, your goal is to match the right candidates with the right job opportunities efficiently. To achieve this, understanding the optimal days and times for submitting candidate resumes can significantly enhance your chances of success. In this blog post, we will delve into research-backed insights that shed light on the best days and times to submit candidate resumes to clients, ultimately increasing your placement rates and client satisfaction.

Monday Mornings or Tuesdays at 2pm?

Traditionally, research indicates that Monday mornings are an excellent time for submitting candidate resumes to clients. Many professionals review their inboxes and plan their week’s tasks during this time. By submitting resumes on Monday mornings, you can ensure your candidates’ profiles are among the first to be considered. This initial exposure can increase the likelihood of a positive impression and enhance the visibility of your candidates.

However, real world resume view data from 3DIQ indicates that Tuesday’s (23%) is the most popular day for reviewing resumes.  Monday ranks 4th at only 16%.  This data would indicate that recruiters should give their clients a day before submitting candidate resumes.  

They should also wait until the afternoon.  Nearly 30% of all resumes are viewed between the hours of 2-4pm.  

Midweek Sweet Spot: Tuesday and Thursday

As the week progresses, professionals often catch up on tasks that might have been delayed due to the Monday rush. This makes Tuesday-Thursday an ideal time to submit resumes. Candidates’ profiles are more likely to stand out in less cluttered inboxes during this midweek period, potentially leading to higher engagement rates. Additionally, candidates submitted during this timeframe have a better chance of being reviewed before the weekend, when attention can be diverted from professional matters.

Avoiding End-of-Week and Holiday Lulls

Fridays are often associated with wrapping up the week’s tasks and preparing for the weekend. Consequently, professionals may be less inclined to thoroughly review candidate submissions on Fridays. Similarly, during holidays or vacation seasons, there is a higher chance of candidate submissions being buried under an influx of emails. To optimize your submissions, it’s advisable to avoid these times when professionals are likely to be less attentive to their inboxes.

Timing Matters: Tailoring Submissions to the Client’s Schedule

Understanding your clients’ specific schedules can provide a significant advantage. Research their industry norms and routines to determine the best times to submit resumes. For instance, if your client operates in the healthcare industry, mornings might be ideal, whereas the tech industry might have a preference for later in the day. Customizing submission times to align with your clients’ routines can demonstrate your commitment to providing tailored solutions.

The Role of Time Zones

In a globalized job market, time zones play a vital role. Ensure that you consider the time zones of both the client and the candidate. Sending a submission at a time that aligns with the client’s working hours can enhance the chances of your candidate’s profile being reviewed promptly.


Strategic timing in submitting candidate resumes can significantly impact your placement rates and overall success as a recruiter or staffing company. By leveraging research-backed insights, you can maximize your candidates’ visibility and increase the likelihood of positive client responses. Remember, the art of timing isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; it involves understanding your clients, their industries, and their schedules. With a well-timed submission strategy, you’ll enhance your reputation as a proactive and results-driven recruiter, ultimately leading to stronger client relationships and successful candidate placements.