Welcome to this week’s edition of 3D Thoughts, where we bring you valuable insights and tips to enhance your well-being and business development efforts – brought to you by Rob Mann. In this edition, we help you 1. how to not hurt your shoulder when you “flip your dog”  in yoga 2. use leads in your business development efforts for Bullhorn users.

Let’s dive in!

Three weeks ago, we conducted a LinkedIn poll to gauge the use of leads in Bullhorn. The results revealed that despite the availability of leads, the majority of companies are not leveraging this valuable resource. However, there’s great potential in leveraging leads to drive business growth and expand your network.

3DIQ recently partnered with a business pulling in prospects as leads and wants to skill market to them, so we built the workflow with them.

Together, we have developed a workflow that allows you to effectively market to prospects and differentiate them from contacts you are actively working with. This enhancement provides you with a streamlined approach to managing your leads and contacts, ultimately improving your business development efforts within Bullhorn. Genius! Chat with Rob about this here.

And for your wellness tip of the day:

Yoga is an excellent practice for physical and mental well-being. However, some poses, if not executed properly, can lead to discomfort or injury. One such pose is the “flip your dog.” To avoid hurting your shoulder during this pose, it’s essential to focus on shoulder stacking. By aligning your shoulders correctly, you can protect your rotator cuff and prevent strain or injury. Next time you attempt the flip your dog pose, pay attention to shoulder alignment and your body

Remember, try stacking your shoulders when you flip your dog. Your rotator cuff can thank us later. 😎 Watch this in action HERE.