This year at Engage, our 3DIQ team had a great time connecting with fellow staffing owners and networking with Bullhorn marketplace partners. We attended a Red Sox baseball game, played some serious pickleball, and heard from some incredible speakers during the sessions.

Rob Mann did an excellent job with his 3DIQ speed pitch and his intro speech to kick off very first Engage session. At our booth, we showcased the power of 3DIQ and power of marketing candidates to become the future of staffing sales.  Our stickers and swag with our new branding were a big hit, and the 3D images of our team added such a fun touch. 

What our team has to say about Engage:


⚡People “Get it” Now

In past years “automation” and “analytics” were buzz words.  Recruiters knew they were important, but weren’t quite sure why…or exactly what it meant for their business.  This year, I had so many good conversations with people who not only got why it is important but also had a ton of ideas to make it work better.


⚡Customers are thinking about their data and how to make it work for them

Just about every customer I spoke with during Engage this year understood why data is important.  Many are already using reporting tools, such as Bullhorn Analytics or Power BI.  Many others are really starting to understand the importance to data integrity in Bullhorn.  I think this is a real turning point that will help many firms succeed in their Analytics and Automation goals.


⚡Bullhorn Data Hub

Maybe my favorite part of Engage.  I’m really excited about the power of Bullhorn when it includes data from multiple sources.  3DIQ has always focused on putting good data into Bullhorn so that our customers can use it for insights and reporting.  That’s why we were early Bullhorn Marketplace Analytics Partners.  I’m even more excited for what Bullhorn Data Hub could mean for customer data and how 3DIQ can help our users understand key metrics such as pipeline velocity, lead and client scoring and sales effectiveness.


⚡AI is coming…but not quite yet

I’m really excited about Bullhorn Copilot and I think it’s going to be huge for Bullhorn users.  I’m also in agreement that AI won’t replace recruiters, but it will help new recruiters work more efficiently and help them compete with their more seasoned counterparts.  In the coming months and years there’s going to be a huge opportunity to incorporate AI into candidate submissions.  Recruiters are going to need to create digital, flexible, easily editable submissions which will integrate seamlessly into their workflows and AI email automations.  I think 3DIQ is a perfect companion for this.



Erik Weihenmayer’s Keynote

Eric’s keynote was all about resilience and, more importantly, about creating solutions. Erik Weihenmayer is an adventurer who lives with no barriers. He has summited Everest and solo kayaked the Colorado River. He described himself as an alchemist who sees an adventure. Then goes about studying, planning, building new things if necessary, practicing, and then doing it.

But he isn’t a risk-taker. All the prep work is where the real work lies. Yes, crossing a ladder over a chasm on Mt Everest is scary, but he knows his why, and he has planned for this occurrence. I saw Erik attending sessions during the conference and he tied his alchemy to things our industry is doing to thrive in weird times. Our industry is resilient and creative, and we love what we do day and day out. Studying problems than building solutions is our superpower.


⚡The conversations at the 3DiQ booth focused on getting better at Sales. Our newly launched our new skill marketing solution and the ability to enable self-service was on everyone’s mind. Plus we saw an increased interest in folks that want a single source of truth. And for tools to remove recruiter/sales busy work which allows for better reporting and enables automation.


⚡The Sessions

Art Papas, Matt Fisher, & Jason Heilman all highlighted how GPT will affect our industry moving forward. Bullhorn is excited to start auto-generating candidate summaries for submissions and things like email personalization right inside of Bullhorn. Overall the message was to focus on keeping all of the data in Bullhorn so we can automate, use AI, and report better.



⚡Customers are realizing the potential of candidates that are not being seen

Almost every customer I spoke with is seeing that they have a database full of great candidates that are not being seen. Talking with them and finding out how they market (or don’t market) their candidate pool was really interesting.  Seeing the lightbulb ‘turn on’ when they would see how 3DIQ Skill Marketing will help them get great candidates in front of clients was fun to witness. 


⚡Excitement around automations and building a great tech stack

Everyone is looking to build out their tech stack with great solutions that work together with other Bullhorn Marketplace partners.  I heard many questions about how 3DIQ works with Bullhorn Automations or Analytics too.  I think folks are not only looking for one good solution to complement their processes but how they can achieve their goals using a set of tools that all work very well together.