Introducing our brand new Director of Sales and Marketing – Rob Mann! He is joining us with many years of experience in staffing and tech, and we know he is going to be a great fit for our team to drive growth and success. His expertise and passion for digitizing staffing and automating key processes will be instrumental in helping our clients accelerate sales and make more placements. 

You can watch his welcome video and hear what he is excited about by clicking this image:

At 3DIQ, we are working together to create an exceptional all-in-one experience within Bullhorn to make life easier for our clients, and we are confident Rob will play a significant role in getting this done.  

Message us today if you’re ready to: 

3X placements, 10X response rates, double your interview rates, and cut feedback time in half!

With Rob on board, we’re ready to help you take your staffing sales to the next level and become the Future of Staffing Sales. If you’re ready to chat, save your spot. 

-The 3DIQ Team