As a leader in the placement of technology professionals, Scientific Search not only strives to bring great employers and talented professionals together, but they also have created a team culture that puts continual learning opportunities and impactful discoveries within their organization at the forefront.  Founded in 1983, Scientific Search is a full-service employment agency based in the greater Philadelphia area and is known for their expertise in engineering, pharmaceutical & biotech, market research, and IT.  

As their organization grew, they started to notice a concerning roadblock of not being able to consistently record, store, and reference accurate documentation.  Their account managers were struggling to keep up with the information they needed to readily share with clients about candidates in real time.  They needed a solution that would be able to streamline many of their processes required for an efficient and productive business. Scientific Search was on a mission to revolutionize their business and find a powerful tool that would solve these issues. 

After discovering 3DIQ’s submission platform in 2020, and now being one of our super users, we love to tell the story about how the impact 3DIQ has had is much greater than Scientific Search initially planned.  They are not only able to alleviate headaches and improve documentation, they are also able to track other analytics that drastically increase productivity, increase follow up and feedback which saves an average of 2-3 hours per week, and improve overall communication to strengthen their internal team. 

The effects 3DIQ is having on companies like Scientific Search and other Bullhorn users is why we love what we do. We have a simple and proven strategy to give your clients a state of the art experience, help recruiters and account managers make more money, streamline processes, and give your team the absolute best tools that increase your ROI. 

You can read the full Official Customer Story from Scientific Search on Bullhorn’s page here.

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