We have all heard that you get a job through who you know. But what if you are fresh out of college, or have been in the same position for several years and your network is rather small?

You can grow your network exponentially by collaborating with a recruitment agency (or two or three). By talking with a recruiter about your current situation, what you are looking for, and what your goals are, they can help match you up with current or future openings. Here are a few reasons why a recruiter can be your good wingman/wingwoman:

  • They know the market well
  • They have established relationships with hiring companies
  • They are motivated to help you get a job offer

On top of that, as mentioned in this TopResume article, recruiters can retain your profile (skills, experience, goals) in a database that can be searched when new opportunities come up. You can be one of the first to hear about openings that may not be public knowledge. 

It doesn’t cost you anything to have a chat with a recruiter. After a few conversations, your network has now expanded by hundreds of contacts. Now, instead of flying solo, you have multiple team members looking for your next role. 

Good luck out there.