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3DIQ for Bullhorn has partnered with Herefish.

3DIQ for Bullhorn is pleased to announce our latest partnership with Herefish!

Herefish provides automation for today’s staffing firms and combined with 3DIQ for Bullhorn’s resume submission platform and solutions, it’s a real win-win for our customers.

Take a look at all of these time-saving automations you’ll be able to set-up to simplify your workflow:

  • Client Prompt to View Resume – Automate an email follow-up using Herefish to nudge a client to view a resume that’s been lingering for a number of days.
  • Client Prompt to Provide Feedback – Automate an email follow-up to nudge a client to provide feedback on a candidate resume that has been lingering for a number of days.
  • Candidate Follow-Up – When a client provides feedback, be it positive or negative, you can automate an email follow-up that includes next steps.
  • Client Connect – When you add a new client to 3DIQ for Bullhorn’s ClientConnect (our client portal) you can automate an email with Herefish letting them know how to view updated candidates.
  • Internally Submitted Candidates – If you have a candidate who has been sent to the account manager for approval but hasn’t had any activity in x-number of hours, set up an automation to nudge the account manager to submit the candidate to the client.