We’ve been working hard since launching 3DIQ’s VIP Beta program.   Based on your feedback we’re excited to announce a major update to 3DIQ! This update will begin rolling out Tuesday October 31st.


  • Download 3DIQ Interactive Resumes as a PDF
  • Ability to show or hide 3DIQ score bar
  • Enhanced client feedback features
  • Updated user account information on interactive resumes including profile picture.

PDF Download You’ll are now able to download individual 3DIQ interactive resumes as a PDF.  This feature can be accessed both on the internal and external (link) profile views.  Simply click “Download 3DIQ Report” to download a fill PDF version of your 3DIQ interactive resume.


3DIQ also gives your client the ability to download profiles.  This is a great feature that will allow them print or upload profiles to their CRM or HRIS system.

Hide 3DIQ Score Bar

Users now have the ability to hide the 3DIQ score bar from Interactive Resumes.  This feature will be useful for jobs which require little experience or don’t have well developed job titles.  To use this feature, simple toggle the scoring bar within each candidate profile.

The resulting interactive resume looks the same, but will not include the 3DIQ score.


Enhanced Client Feedback

Feedback is getting a face lift! Visual improvements now include your name and picture.  Don’t forget to update your information under Account Settings.

Client feedback now contains more detailed options.  Once a user clicks “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” he or she will be able to let you know why and even schedule an interview! When a user selects “Thumbs Up” he or she will be able to tell you why and respond with potential interview times.

If a user selects “Thumbs Down” he or she will also be able to tell you why.

We’ve also included an optional field for your client to insert his or her email address.

Updated User Account 

The Account Settings menu within 3DIQ now includes additional fields including:

  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Profile Picture

This information will display under the “Contact Information” section of 3DIQ, so don’t forget to update!