3DIQ for Bullhorn

Edit and submit branded, mobile friendly candidate resumes within Bullhorn.

3DIQ for Bullhorn  streamlines your submission process.  From resume preparation to feedback, 3DIQ for Bullhorn can boost your feedback rate by 40% and generate 10% more hires for your business.

Select and Manage Candidate Resumes

  • View candidates internally submitted to your jobs within Bullhorn.
  • View and select candidate resume files. 
  • Create fully editable interactive resumes in seconds.

Edit & Prepare Resume Submissions 

  • Create fully editable interactive resumes from each candidate’s original PDF or Word document resume files.
  • Put the power in your hands by easily removing contact information and editing candidate resumes within Bullhorn.
  • Feel confident in your submissions with AI-powered scoring information for each candidate.  


Notify Coworkers and Submit Candidates

  • Instantly notify job owners when candidate resumes are ready to submit.
  • Easily review and submit candidate resumes.
  • Automatically populate your client submission email with interactive resume link, candidate notes, client email address and subject line.

Full Tracking and Note Logging in Bullhorn

  • Automatically move candidates through the Bullhorn submission process. 
  • Log sendout (client submission) and create notes in Bullhorn with a single click.


Receive Instant Email Notifications

  • Receive instant email notifications whenever someone views your resume link. 
  • Receive notifications whenever your client give feedback on candidate resume.
  • Automatically log feedback as a note in Bullhorn.