Why Choose 3DIQ for Bullhorn?

Generate 10% More Hires


3DIQ for Bullhorn is a recruiter’s secret weapon. This powerful, fully-automated, resume submission platform cuts client response time in half and generates 10% more hires for your recruiting business. Designed to fully integrate with Bullhorn, 3DIQ is a plug-in-and-go tool that allows you to work within the ATS. Recruiters can now easily edit, format, submit, and get real-time responses from clients.

Created BY recruiters FOR recruiters, 3DIQ for Bullhorn starts at just $35 per user with no implementation fees + a FREE 30-Day trial. Message us for a demo today!

3DIQ For Bullhorn is a Recruiter's Secret Weapon

3DIQ for Bullhorn was created BY recruiters FOR recruiters. We know your bottom line depends on closing placements quickly. Our plug-in-and-go tool cuts client response time in half and generates 10% more hires.

Plus, it's mobile friendly. You can view resumes on any device without downloading a thing.

Makes Bullhorn More Powerful

Works directly within the Bullhorn ATS. This candidate management system will simplify your workflow and make your recruiting agency more profitable.

Instant Notifications

See which clients are viewing candidate resumes & when. Get real-time feedback. 3DIQ for Bullhorn expedites the entire resume review process.

Automatic Branding

3DIQ for Bullhorn’s recruiting software makes resumes look clean, consistent and professional in an instant.


Starting at just $35/user, with no implementation fees + a 30-day FREE trial, it’s a no-brainer to increase placements by 10%. This Bullhorn recruitment tool is powerful AND affordable.

Artificial Intelligence

Professional recruiters get valuable business intelligence from Artificial Intelligence-driven candidate ranking and reporting.

Save You Time & Money

Cuts client response time by 50%! Speeds up the decision making process, allowing you to close more placements.


Consistent Branding

Great-looking submittals give your brand reputation a boost.


Editable Resumes Made Easy

Quickly remove contact info, correct typos, and enhance descriptions.


You're in Control

You decide on the right resume tags and attention-grabbing selling points.


No Converting Necessary

Clean up resumes right within Bullhorn without Word or PDF conversion.


The no-hassle, low-cost way to edit, brand, and optimize candidate resumes.


Engaging resumes and real-time feedback put an end to resume black holes.


Lock in Top Talent

A real-time feedback loop inspires clients to respond (and lets you know).


Consistent & Clean

3DIQ for Bullhorn branded resumes are sharp, streamlined, and substantial.


On-the-go Mobile Review

Meet your clients when and where they work with flexible formatting.


“What’s nice about it, it puts everything right there for you. It’s a way to make the process of submitting candidates to clients overall easier and more effective.”


Recruiting Lead


3DIQ for Bullhorn is built specifically for Bullhorn. A plug-in-and-go process means you never have to leave the ATS.

From resume preparation to real-time feedback, 3DIQ for Bullhorn can boost your client response rate by 40% and generate 10% more hires for your business.

FAQ: Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Do you integrate with the Bullhorn ATS?

Yes! 3DIQ for Bullhorn is purpose-built to work in Bullhorn but can also be customized to connect with other ATS systems.

Can my client download a copy of the resumes I send?

If they want a paper trail, clients can download 3DIQ resumes as PDFs that feature all the branding and notes of our online versions.

Can corporate recruiters use 3DIQ for Bullhorn?

Absolutely! Many HR recruiting teams use 3DIQ for Bullhorn to submit resumes to their internal hiring managers.

Do you offer a white labeled version of 3DIQ for Bullhorn?

 It’s available. We’re happy to customize the interface to meet the needs of large recruiting firms and employers. 

How does pricing for 3DIQ for Bullhorn work?

Starting at just $35 per user, with no implementation fees and a 30-day free trial, you can experience yourself how to vastly increase the speed of resume submissions and responses. We also offer volume discounts. 3DIQ for Bullhorn can transform your business for pennies per day.

Do you offer a free trial period for 3DIQ for Bullhorn?

We do. Sign up for a Free Discovery Session and we’ll walk you through all the details.

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3DIQ for Bullhorn makes it beyond easy for recruiters to edit, format, and get real-time feedback on candidate submittals. See for yourself with a free discovery session.


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