Video Spotlight:

What Is Client Connect?

3DIQ for Bullhorn’s client portal, Client Connect, makes our powerful resume submission tool even better!

Video Transcript:

Client Connect allows 3DIQ for Bullhorn users to create a password protected login, allowing your clients to view jobs, candidates and real-time status updates.

To create a login for your client, click the Client Connect tab in the company record. Then click enable access on the client you wish to create a login for.

Finally, send login link to automatically send an email notification to your client. This branded notification will allow your client to create their account and password. Once the account is created, you’ll see the status change to login verified.

Now, let’s look at how to add and remove candidates in jobs from Client Connect.

Jobs will not be visible until a candidate has been submitted to your client. Once you submit a candidate via 3DIQ, you’ll see a checkmark appear in the Client Connect column. This lets you know that your candidates are now visible in Client Connect.

When your client logs into their branded portal, they’ll be able to see the job and candidates you submitted with the status of client submission. They’ll also see the date the candidate was submitted on and the date the resume link expires.

To view resumes, simply click on the resume link.

Client Connect also features real-time status updates directly from Bullhorn. Any time you update a candidate’s submission status, including interviewed, rejected, or placed, 3DIQ will automatically update the status in Client Connect, giving your client’s unprecedented candidate visibility.

With 3DIQ Client Connect, you’ll always be able to provide your client with a branded and password protected login portal, real-time status updates, and job and candidate management tools, without ever having to leave Bullhorn.