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Turning Data Into Placements: Giving Recruiters a Competitive Advantage in the Race for Talent

The longer the talent shortage rages on, the higher the stakes for recruiters to find and place talent. And in the staffing business where everyone works for free until a candidate’s first day on the job, recruiters are feeling extra pressure to deliver. 

In our newest eBook, we dive into what’s impacting a recruiter’s ability to find and place talent today and how to address these challenges with the power of data. 

Do you know:

  • When hiring managers are most likely to view candidates?

  • How long you should wait before asking for feedback?

  • What a best-in-class recruiter/hiring manager relationship looks like?

We’ll answer these questions and more,

as we share how your firm can turn data into placements by better matching candidates to

positions,developing seamless processes and improving clients’ employer brands. 

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