How Scientific Search Improved Documentation and So Much More with 3DIQ

Scientific Search began in 1983 and since that time, they’ve coordinated with clients and candidates every day to fulfill needs all across the United States. Scientific Search is a full-service employment agency known for their expertise in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Clinical Research, Genomics & Medical Device, Engineering & Manufacturing, Information Technology, Market Research and the Food & Beverage industries.

Their recruiting team provides clients and candidates with multiple options, including:
Direct Hire, Temporary Placements, Success Based Recruiting and Temporary-to-Direct Placements.

Through precision and timely efficiency, they develop genuine connections that ensure the perfect placement. The secret to their success is the expert specialization in each of their premier industries.


The Challenge

“Scientific Search was struggling with documentation in Bullhorn and having a centralized location to house both internal notes on a candidate as well as the information we present to the client”.

As everyone knows, statistically, sales people are not the best at documentation.  When sending candidates to clients, Scientific Search needed to ensure they had all of the information about the candidate as well as the information they shared with clients.  Since the account managers are the ones interacting with clients, they were constantly finding themselves in a situation where a client would ask a question about a candidate, and, due to poor documentation, they were unable to answer them in real time.   Scientific Search just could not get everyone to document properly since it required several steps for them to record and categorize the notes.  


The Solution

“3DIQ + Bullhorn allowed us to automate this note process in Bullhorn and house all of the information in both Bullhorn and 3DIQ.”

By adding 3DIQ to their tech stack, it gave the recruiters the tool they needed to provide the critical information all Account Managers needed.  From the minute they met Tim Walker from 3DIQ, they knew they had met a partner that “Gets It”.  With a simple integration into Bullhorn, the 3DIQ platform was ready to go for the whole Scientific Search team. 

They now have the ability to create a profile to go to their client with embedded internal notes as well as an embedded presentation.  When the recruiter hits the button in 3DIQ to send the candidate to the Account Manager, the system automatically creates a note in Bullhorn with a specific category and includes both the internal notes as well as the presentation notes.  When the Account Manager receives the email notification that the candidate is ready to be presented, they simply click on the email and they are taken to a web page with the candidate notes and the resume.  Once the Account Manager is ready to send them to the client, they simply click a button and the email for the client (with their email address included) is created and you just hit send.  Bullhorn automatically updates the candidate status so there is also stronger documentation because of the 3DIQ tool.  

If a client calls or emails a question and the recruiter is not available, the account manager can easily access all of this information either in the Bullhorn note created or through the 3DIQ tab in Bullhorn.  Scientific Search says it is a game changer.


The Results

The impact this has had is much greater than Scientific Search initially planned.  When they first started using 3DIQ, they anticipated it would improve documentation and alleviate some headaches for the account managers.  Although helpful, they didn’t realize that the impact would extend much farther than their initial hopes.

Due to the 100% compliance with documentation that this provided immediately, they now can use that data to track other analytics.  Scientific Search was unable to previously determine a true “time to present” from initial intake of a job since many recruiters would update their candidates in bullhorn days after submission.  This metric has been something Scientific Search has used to increase productivity as well as know what jobs they are quickest to get candidates over on. 

Another benefit they did not anticipate is the amount of client follow-up the account managers are doing now, compared to before.  Since the account managers are confident in the data in bullhorn around the candidates presented, they are following up more regularly to get feedback, etc. The account managers save an average of 2 to 3 hours per week digging for information or trying to connect with the recruiters to get the information they need.   This confidence carries over to other areas of their role as well.  

Third, due to the clear exchange of information, Scientific Search says it has been a wonderful tool to build relationships within the teams.  Since the recruiter knows they have provided the information, and the Account Manager knows where to find it, they can communicate about all the things that matter instead of being frustrated with one another. 



“I honestly cannot imagine not using 3DIQ.  It has become such an integral part of our process.”

“I think this is the first tool my sales team actually thanked me for!”


“We absolutely love using 3DIQ! There are so many reasons why this tool is super effective in our industry, but I think what it provides most from our perspective is the ease in workflow… I’m not sure how we managed before 3DIQ, but I am glad we don’t have to anymore.”

Kimberly Laipple

3DIQ Customer, Scientific Search

“3DIQ has revolutionized the way we send candidates to our clients. The user interface is extremely simple and nice to use and it’s seamless with the integration into Bullhorn. The best part are the client reactions with instant feedback in a thumbs up or thumbs down.  We love it!”

Aldan Galvanek

3DIQ Customer, The Chatham Group