Interactive Resumes for the Modern Recruiter.

Interactive Resumes for the Modern


Faster feedback times.  More Interviews.  More Placements

3DIQ automatically transforms your candidate resumes with seamless branding, instant feedback, mobile friendly viewing, and AI Scoring.

Transform your submission process

Faster feedback times.  More Interviews.  More Placements.

3DIQ’s suite of interactive tools put the power in your hands

Automatic Branding

Your company logo and branding added on each resume.  Automatically.

Mobile Friendly

Let your clients view resumes instantly on any device without downloading files. 

Faster Client Feedback

Real time client feedback options result in more interviews and placements.

Easily Edit Resumes

Word of PDF Edit and format original candidate resumes without having to convert files.

Real Time Tracking

Receive instant email notifications each time your client views one of  your candidate resumes.

Powered by AI

3DIQ instantly scores and ranks candidates, giving you valuable Business Intelligence.

Supercharge Your Submission Process.

Seamlessly transform your existing PDF or Word Document Resumes into 3DIQ Interactive Resumes.  Use 3DIQ to remove contact information and edit any resume.  3DIQ allows you to professionally brand and present any candidate resume and encourages your clients to submit feedback. 

Recruiters who use 3DIQ see a 50% reduction and feedback times leading to a 10% increase in placements.