3DIQ’s industry leading product suite compliments your submission process from start to finish, helping you deliver a cutting-edge customer experience!
Our CLIENT PORTAL allows 3DIQ for Bullhorn users to create a password protected login where clients can view jobs, candidates, and real-time status updates. This feature expedites the candidate review process even further and provides your clients with the flexibility and freedom they need to make hiring decisions more quickly and seamlessly.
3DIQ users can automatically create profiles using information within Bullhorn Candidate records. Users can generate standard profiles for candidates and submit them from Bullhorn. These profiles can be edited to display the most relevant and up to date information that highlights the key competencies of a candidate. 
Generate candidate profiles and automate the Client Submission in Bullhorn. Get real time view and feedback notifications when clients view profiles.
Never leave Bullhorn! With 3DIQ, you can prepare, generate, and send candidate profiles all within the ATS.  Also, it provides a mobile friendly experience. There’s no app to install, no login to remember. Just click and view talent. Click on the Key Features above to discover more!


Fill out this form to receive an example 3DIQ URL branded to your company. An email from kinzy@3diq.com with your custom example profile will be sent to you shortly after!

Makes Bullhorn More Powerful

Works directly within the Bullhorn ATS. This candidate management system will simplify your workflow and make your recruiting agency more profitable.

Artificial Intelligence

Professional recruiters get valuable business intelligence from Artificial Intelligence-driven candidate ranking and reporting.


It’s a no-brainer to increase placements by 10%. This Bullhorn recruitment tool is powerful AND affordable.

Instant Notifications

See which clients are viewing candidate resumes & when. Get real-time feedback. 3DIQ for Bullhorn expedites the entire resume review process.

Automatic Branding

3DIQ for Bullhorn’s recruiting software makes resumes look clean, consistent and professional in an instant.

Saves You Time & Money

Cuts client response time by 50%! Speeds up the decision making process, allowing you to close more placements.

3DIQ For Bullhorn Is a Recruiter’s Secret Weapon

3DIQ was created by Bullhorn users. We know your bottom line depends on closing placements quickly. Our plug-in-and-go tool cuts client response time in half and generates 10% more hires.

Plus, it’s mobile friendly. You can view resumes on any device without downloading a thing.




3DIQ for Bullhorn is the Perfect Platform to Save Recruiters Time


3DIQ partnerships align our powerful resume submission platform with other businesses to streamline the recruitment/placement process, saving you valuable time!