Tired of wrestling with resume formatting and a variety of document types? Tired of submitting resumes to your clients and waiting forever for feedback?  Tired of ugly resumes being the face of your brand?


Edit and Brand Your Resumes with Ease.

You’ve spent time and money to find and source the perfect candidate.  Say goodbye to dealing with formatting and editing difficult resumes and hello to 3DIQ.


  • Instantly and accurately parse resumes and job descriptions
  • Edit and remove personal and contact information.
  • Automatic branding with your companies logo and colors.

Interactive Resumes with AI.

Start visualizing your talent by adding cutting edge AI scoring to your  recruitment process and save your business valuable time and money.

  • Each resume scored to specific job requirements.
  • Compare candidates based on multiple factors.
  • Give your clients valuable insights and increase your hit rate.



Track and Encourage Feedback on any device.

Stop wondering whether anyone has reviewed your submitted resumes.  Shorten the hiring process with 3DIQ’s link tracking and quick feedback options.


  • Track resume views with real time link tracking.
  • Encourage clients to give instant feedback with quick “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” buttons.
  • Instant insights with email and web notifications.

Here’s what you’ll get with 3DIQ


Branding in a Snap

Automatically brand each resume with your logo and color palette. Show of your brand on every resume you submit.

AI Powered Resumes

Score each resume based on specific job requirements and give your clients data driven insights on each resume.

Real Time Tracking

Know whenever someone views, approves or rejects a candidate resume with real time link tracking.

Edit with Ease

Edit and format resumes and job descriptions easily and without having to convert files.

Collaborate with your Team

Work with coworkers to add jobs, edit resumes and score candidates.  Track and manage users and company information.

Mobile Friendly Viewing

View and receive feedback about candidate resumes anywhere without having to downloading files.

Fast Service

Created by recruiters, for recruiters. We understand what it takes to run a business and we’re here to help.

Encourage Feedback

Give your clients the ability to approve and or reject a candidate while viewing a resume.  Never wait for feedback again.

Quality Control

Improve candidate resumes to better match job descriptions using AI driven insights and scoring features. 

Ready to get started?