Tired of wrestling with resume formatting and a variety of document types? Tired of submitting resumes to your clients and waiting forever for feedback? Tired of ugly resumes being the face of your brand?


Steaks on Paper Plates

When you eat at an expensive steakhouse you expect premium experience. Why not hold your candidate submissions to the same standard? Stop sending your clients great candidates with poor resumes and branding.

Start serving your steaks on fine china instead!

3DIQ takes your current candidate resumes and automatically transforms them into feature packed Interactive Resumes designed to get you more feedback and interviews.

Edit and Brand your Resumes with Ease

Edit your PDF and Word document resumes all in one place.

3DIQ makes it easy to brand and edit your candidate resumes.  Your branding is automatically added to each 3DIQ Interactive Resume, giving your submissions consistent, professional branding. 

3DIQ also puts powerful editing tools in your hands.  No matter the original document format, 3DIQ allows you to remove contact information, correct spelling or edit your candidate’s resume.

Feedback and View Notifications

Instantly know whenever your resume submission is viewed.

Experience 50% faster feedback times.  3DIQ encourages your clients to let you know what they think using quick feedback buttons.  You’ll also receive email notifications each time your resume is viewed or someone submits feedback. 

Stop wondering whether your client has viewed your candidate’s resume.  3DIQ puts the power of information in your hands!


Mobile Friendly Viewing

Give your clients the power to view resumes anywhere.

3DIQ Interactive Resumes include built in mobile compatibility.  That means your clients can view your submissions wherever they are, with nothing to download.  Whether it’s before work, over the weekend, or on the factory floor, 3DIQ makes sure your clients see your candidates first.  

3DIQ has created much more transparency between our team and our clients; there is no more confusion as to whether a resume has been viewed or not. The mobile-friendly feature also helps to cut down the feedback waiting period because the client doesn’t have to wait until they’re back in the office to view the full resume!


Technical Recruiter

I have really enjoyed working with 3DIQ.  It uploads resumes quickly and is easy to use.  I can also easily change and edit resumes as needed so the client will have a more enjoyable review.



We love 3DIQ.  Our managers are always busy.  3DIQ is a tool that allows our team members to quickly and easily give feedback on resumes our HR staff has recruited.  This tech saves us time and was a no-brainer to implement and use


Director of HR


Got Questions?  We’ve got answers.  Don’t see your question here?  Drop us a line. We’re here to help!

Do you have any ATS integrations?

Yes!  We currently have an integration with Bullhorn that allows you to use 3DIQ without leaving your ATS.  Contact us for more info!

Can corporate recruiters use 3DIQ?

Absolutely! A number of HR recruiters currently use 3DIQ to submit resumes to their hiring managers.

How does pricing for 3DIQ work?

3DIQ is under $50/mo with volume discounts available.  We’re here to help recruiters maximize their ROI, not break the bank.

Can my client download a copy of the resumes I send?

Yep! 3DIQ includes the option to download interactive resumes as PDFs.  PDFs include branding, recruiter notes and skills tags.

Do you offer a white labeled version of 3DIQ?

We’re happy to discuss customizing 3DIQ to meet the needs of large recruiting firms or consulting agencies.  

Do you offer a free trial period for 3DIQ?

We do.  Follow the Get Started link at the top of the page to schedule for free discovery session.