Interactive Resumes from 3DIQ

3DIQ puts the power of the world’s most sophisticated AI matching engine for hiring and recruitment in your hands. Watch the short video below to learn more about 3DIQ interactive resumes.


Your recruiter has partnered with 3DIQ to offer a revolutionary candidate presentation experience.  3DIQ utilizes the world’s most sophisticated and accurate AI matching engine for recruitment.  3DIQ’s candidate evaluation reports an absolute ranking based on a variety of categories including skills, education, industries and management experience.  With this ability, each candidate’s 3DIQ score is based on the specific job for which they’re being submitted.


AI powered grading and ranking for each candidate based on your job.


View resumes anywhere, on any device, with no files to download.


Powerful data to help you make better hiring decision for your business.


Evaluate and share candidates. Instantly provide feedback to your recruiters.