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3DIQ makes it beyond easy to prepare submissions and get real-time feedback.
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More Candidates…Less Time

Features Overview


Take a tour of our most common features and learn how 3DIQ increases the speed of business.


Bullhorn Integration

3DIQ for Bullhorn works without leaving the Bullhorn ATS for minimal distractions and maximum transparency.

Client Connect

Client Portal

Our robust client support portal expedites the candidate review process even further.


Learn how our recent partnerships increase automation and decrease screen and prep time.

Makes Bullhorn More Powerful

Works directly within the Bullhorn ATS. This candidate management system will simplify your workflow and make your recruiting agency more profitable.

Artificial Intelligence

Professional recruiters get valuable business intelligence from Artificial Intelligence-driven candidate ranking and reporting.


It’s a no-brainer to increase placements by 10%. This Bullhorn recruitment tool is powerful AND affordable.

Instant Notifications

See which clients are viewing candidate resumes & when. Get real-time feedback. 3DIQ for Bullhorn expedites the entire resume review process.

Automatic Branding

3DIQ for Bullhorn’s recruiting software makes resumes look clean, consistent and professional in an instant.

Saves You Time & Money

Cuts client response time by 50%! Speeds up the decision making process, allowing you to close more placements.

3DIQ For Bullhorn Is a Recruiter’s Secret Weapon

3DIQ for Bullhorn was created BY recruiters FOR recruiters. We know your bottom line depends on closing placements quickly. Our plug-in-and-go tool cuts client response time in half and generates 10% more hires.

Plus, it’s mobile friendly. You can view resumes on any device without downloading a thing.


Your Workflow

3DIQ for Bullhorn is a powerful resume submission platform that is fully integrated within the Bullhorn ATS.

Learn how we can help you cut client response time in half, generate more hires and make more money!


For Bullhorn

3DIQ for Bullhorn works without leaving the Bullhorn ATS for minimal distractions and maximum transparency.

1.  Encourage and Record Feedback

2.  Seamless Communications

3. Mobile-Friendly Experience

4. Prepare Submissions Within Bullhorn

5. Branding That Stands Out



Your Client Support


3DIQ for Bullhorn is proud to announce the launch of CLIENT CONNECT, our robust client support portal. CLIENT CONNECT expedites the candidate review process even further and provides your clients with the flexibility and freedom they need to make hiring decisions quickly and seamlessly.



3DIQ for Bullhorn partnerships align our powerful platform with other businesses to streamline the recruitment placement process.

Bullhorn is the perfect platform to save recruiters time.

3DIQ partnerships align our powerful resume submission platform with other businesses to streamline the recruitment/placement process, saving you valuable time!