3DIQ Resume data reveals three things you can do to get your resumes seen

Most staffing industry executives expect Covid-19 will result in decreased profits in 2020.  While millions of experienced candidates have entered the job market over the past month, the reality on the ground for many recrutiers  has been fewer jobs, fewer interviews and fewer placements.  Additional layoffs or furloughs are also likely to hit the industry.
3DIQ’s interactive resume features allows users to submit resumes and track view data in real time.  We took agregate data from our users in order to get a clearer picture of how clients and hiring managers are interacting with resumes during the Covid-19 outbreak.  


The Results

Overall, resume view times have decreased 10% since the beginning of March and 15% since their high in January.  This trend coincides with President Trump’s national Emergency Declaration in mid-March and the CDC’s recommended restrictions on large gatherings.

Month Average View Duration (seconds)
January 90.36
February 85.66
March 1 – March 14 84.60
March 15 – April 10 77.93

 source: 3DIQ Resume Data


Higher unemployment means more hiring managers are out of work or are working from home.  This has also resulted in fewer average resume views per job order and viewer unique views for each candidate.  The number of views per candidate fell from nearly 5 in January and February to 3.5 by the end of March. Likewise, the number of resume views per job fell from between 8 and 10 earlier this year fewer than 7 in April 2020.

Working from Home

Many recruiters and hiring managers alike are working from home.  Overall, there are fewer resume views during the weekend.  In particular, Monday’s are now a more popular time for resume views .  This is likely a reflection of reduced workload and hours, resulting in more time during the week (and less need to put in time during the weekend).

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
January 1- March 14 2% 17% 21% 20% 20% 19% 1%
March 15 – April 10 1% 23% 21% 19% 20% 15% 1%

source: 3DIQ Resume Data

This pattern holds true when looking at resume views times by hour of the day.  3DIQ typically sees 15-20% of resume views before or after typical business hours (before 8am and after 5pm).  Since March 15th, only 10% of resumes have been viewed outside normal hours.

We’ve also seen a shift in the time of day resumes are typically viewed.  During the first part of 2020, clients viewed resumes fairly evenly during business hours.  Since March 15th, nearly 50% of resumes are viewed during the afternoon hours (26% are viewed between 1-3 pm local time). 

3 Strategies to Get your Resumes Seen

What can recruiters do to make sure their resumes get seen?  Resume view data suggests there are some key strategies that do boost your resume view and response rate during the pandemic. 

Strategy  1: Keep sending submissions.  Clients are viewing resumes faster than ever before.

Many in the workforce are working from home with less to do (while still spending time in front of your computer).  3DIQ data shows that Covid-19 has resulted in more responsive hiring managers.  Take advantage of this!    Since the middle of March, 59% of resumes are viewed within one hour.  82% of all resumes are viewed within 24 hours. That ends up being about 10-15% faster than earlier in the year.   As a result, first impressions are more important than ever.  Be sure to lead with your best candidate and make sure their resume really shines.  

Since the middle of March, 59% of resumes are viewed within one hour.  82% of all resumes are viewed within 24 hours. That ends up being about 10-15% faster than earlier in the year.

Strategy 2: Pay attention to when you’re sending your resumes.

Resume views are typically evenly distributed throughout the week.    However, since March 15, Monday’s have gained slightly (23% of total resume views).  Resume views outside of normal business hours have decreased recently (from 15-20% to 10%).   As a result, views during the afternoon hours have increased; especially between the hours of 1 and 3pm.  Recruiters should consider sending their submissions during these hours.

Strategy 3: Focus on branding and convenience 

Make sure your resume branding is consistent.  Data shows hiring managers are viewing fewer resumes, less often and for a shorter amount of time.  Don’t miss your chance to make a strong, branded impression.  In addition, encourage your clients to interact with you, and give them the flexibility to do so!  Consider texting resumes to your clients or offer mobile-friendly documents.

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